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Surface Drive and Center Drive Winders

Foam and Fiber Compressors

Flat, Block and Roll Wrappers

Sewing/Thermal Seaming

Doublers and Edge Alignment Equipment

Roll, Scray or Flat Accumulators

Stand Alone or Add-On Slitting


Piece Cutting and Sheeting


Custom Piece Cutting and Sheeting

Our Piece Cutting and Sheeting machinery is not built from pre-fabricated, assembled parts, but rather purposely built structural steel weldments that reduce vibration problems, maintenance issues and reduce in-process adjustment requirements.

We can customize width, length, speed, accuracy and level of automation to exactly match your needs.

  • These machines are used to cut your continuous material into sheets and can automatically stack them for further processing or shipping to customers
  • Large or small scale piece cutting
  • Auto stacking and material handling available
  • Our technology is proven in the automotive, building material, and non-woven industries
  • Because we only build custom machinery, you know our product will be perfect for your process, call us today

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Sheeting Stackers at Birch Brothers Southern, Inc.

Stacking Sheeting and Cutting at Birch Brothers Southern, Inc.